Pure Hemp 1 1/4


When first developed, the Pure Hemp rolling paper related to a very niche market and demograph. Today, hemp rolling papers in general, and specifically Pure Hemp have become known for an exceptional quality Roll-Your-Own paper.  Pure Hemp is a 100% eco TREE FREE rolling paper, produced by Miquel y Costas, in Barcelona, Spain, using only the finest hemp pulp they are produced with an all natural gumline sustainably harvested from the African Acacia tree with a beautiful slow burn with little ash.  Pure Hemp rolling papers are continuing to be the mass market leader as an eco alternative to wood pulp papers.  All while still maintaining the absolutely highest quality product.

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Our unbleached pure hemp rolling papers are slightly thinner than their predecessor, produced with all the same care and attention as the original line.  This time omitted the whitening process which results in a beautiful natural golden hue to our hemp rolling paper.  Our Unbleached Pure Hemp rolling papers, are slow burning, low ash, 100% eco TREE-FREE rolling paper with the same Arabica all-natural gum line.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm

1 Box, 1 Pack


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