Valentines Day Guide for Smoking Couples

Valentines Day Guide for Smoking Couples

Are you looking for a great way to kick back with either your new flame or your longtime better half this Valentine’s Day? Maybe it’s time to reignite things with an intimate date night. If you and your main squeeze both share a love of herbal rest and relaxation, you’ve gotta check out what we here at Rolling with RAWR have put together for the romantic season! Whether you two are cool as cucumbers or a couple of spicy meatballs, we’ve put together a gift guide with the perfect items to make sure you and your special someone have a smokin’ good time.

Nothing harshes your mellow quicker than the fresh herbs that you just ground up dropping onto the floor and needing to reach for your flashlight to try to recover it. History does not tell us who invented the rolling tray, but it’s safe to say some version of this scenario was the catalyst for its invention. RAW’s line of personality-filled rolling trays are gonna set you right on that front, but they’re also going to make session cleanup a breeze because they give you ample room for all your gear.

Plus, for Valentine’s Day, you can stash one of these bad boys alongside the rest of the wares for a next-level “breakfast in bed” scenario. Let’s say you and your partner are curled up on the couch for movie night, not wanting to brave the chill of the living room beyond your blanket fort — bring a large rolling tray and all your supplies with you to the coffee table, and your perfectly mess-free smoke session will all be within arm’s reach. It’s a gift that keeps giving for you roll-your-own smokers out there.



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