Smoking Joints With Friends

Smoking Joints With Friends

Smoking joints with friends is where the rules of joint etiquette really apply. One of the first rules of smoking with friends is that the person who rolls the joint sparks it. However, the roller is, of course, allowed to pass the privilege to another.

Take two reasonably-long puffs without hogging the joint, and pass to your left, unless house rules specify otherwise. When you exhale, make sure that you don’t blow your smoke into someone else’s face, which is, at the very least, inconsiderate. And before you pass, ash your hit. This way, ashes won’t fall on your friends’ floor, furniture, clothing or skin (not cool, and ouch).

Speaking of hogging the joint, don’t hold onto it during your turn, also called “babysitting,” or “bogarting.” This usually happens when the holder is sharing a story, but regardless of how enthralling that tale might be, people don’t want to wait and watch the roach burn down while you hold court.

So, here are the rules of the road to help you smoke a joint like a pro:

  • Tips for Smoking a Joint Properly:
  • Whoever rolls it, sparks it
  • Roast your joint
  • Take slow, steady hits
  • Puff, puff, pass
  • Ash before you pass
  • Don’t babysit the joint
  • Don’t exhale in anybody’s face
  • Try not to slobber on the joint
  • Respect house rules

These tips work well for both novice and experienced consumers, so give them a try at your next sesh. Happy smoking!

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