Which Cannagar Size Is Right For Me?

Which Cannagar Size Is Right For Me?

Well, that depends. There are three sizes to choose from and the perfect size for you depends on how you like to smoke.

  1. Personal – looks like a cigarillo and it’s perfect for a solo session. It fits 2-4 grams and it’s our smallest size.
  2. Small – our personal favourite. It can take anywhere between 3.5-7 grams. It’s the most versatile because you can smoke it by yourself or a small group of friends. It looks like your classic cigar.
  3. Large – this is our party size and it will turn heads for sure. It fits 10-14 grams and has some serious smoking power. We once had 30 heads on a Large cannagar and it smoked for 2 hours. By the way, this was at a cannabis event with some heavy stoners.

Size Comparison next to a pre-roll and backwood

Check out the 2 minute video with all 3 sizes on the Purple Rose Supply instagram page.

If you’re interested in purchasing a cannamold from us, get in touch with us as we only sell this product in-store only.

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