Enhance Your Smoking Sesh with Cannagars!

Enhance Your Smoking Sesh with Cannagars!

Cannagars are typically too expensive for the average smoker to buy no matter their size and quality, so we’ve decided to help smokers everywhere by becoming only the third distributor in Canada to provide you access to the Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold!

Why waste your hard earned money buying a cannagar from a dispensary when you can custom make your own however you want? We want you to be the creator of your smoking experience. You can choose your favourite strains and top it off with concentrates. Give yourself the ultimate experience – on your terms.

  • A cannabis cigar (aka thai stick or cannagar) can be passed around 10x longer than your average joint, so you can focus on having a good time without having to stop and roll another one.
  • Cannagars have smoother hits compared to any other rolled cannabis. Enjoy the full flavor and take fatter hits without the cough.
  • Pre-made canngars cost hundreds of dollars, sell out quickly, and are limited to a few dispensaries in select stores. Our molds let you create unlimited cannagars for a fraction of the price.

These molds are coming soon! Keep an eye on our blog, Twitter and Instagram for updates when these will be available in our shop!

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