Why Hemp Rolling Papers Are Best

Why Hemp Rolling Papers Are Best

Hemp papers are super thin and natural rolling papers. They aren’t dyed and have no tobacco in them (like blunts). Rolling papers made from hemp also burn lightly and don’t have additives that make the taste different from the smoking materials you roll up.

RAW is at the top of the hemp rolling paper game. They are a company only about 5 years young, and are famous for their release of organic, vegan-friendly, non-GMO rolling papers. They also have a philanthropic bent with a focus on curing hunger and bringing clean water to areas like Africa and Indonesia with a portion of their profits.

If you smoke Hemp Rolling Papers: You probably prefer hemp in other products like makeup, clothing, and lotions. You are probably vegan or vegetarian, or at minimum you buy only organic products at the grocery store. You have a passion for human rights, animal rights, and taking care of Mother Earth. Global warming and protecting the ozone may also be important for you. You may wear all natural deodorant from the local health-food store, and it may or may not work, but you don’t care! You volunteer, and are extremely passionate about your chosen cause. This may be short term excitement, as new cause will assuredly arise. However, while the protest is going on, you’re at the front of the line Using organic products – including your rolling papers – is a super easy way to give our planet a break.

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