To Roll or Not to Roll?

To Roll or Not to Roll?

If you’re not accustomed to rolling your own cigarettes but still want to customise your sesh, you should consider rolling cones. Although cones are a little more expensive than rolling papers, they can be bought in almost any quantity and save smokers precious time and money. Although many purists prefer rolling papers, there are many benefits of pre-rolled cones. If you’re a purist that enjoys cones, you can also roll your own with the vast amount of cone rolling tools out there.

When it comes to pre-rolled cones, it’s easier to make sure that every cone is consistency packed, with the cone being tighter at the tip and progressively more loose as you work your way up the cone. Pre-rolled cones are ideal because the result will typically be consistent and can be a good option for those suffering from joint pain and have issues with dexterity. Rolling manually is a delicate process, and can be difficult for someone with arthritis. For those struggling to roll their herb, cones can be a big help.

On the other hand, there are some definite benefits to learning to use rolling papers. An expert roller can roll with a consistency rivalling that of pre-rolled cones. With papers, you can roll to the size you want. It will take a ton of practice and more than likely your first roll will be loose, uneven, and not smoke well – but practice makes perfect!

Just like rolling papers come in different sizes, cones do too! The two most popular sizes are 1 ¼ and King Size.

Pick up a pack of 1 ¼ pre-rolled cones if you’re looking to smoke alone, and a King Size cone if you’re planning to share with friends. Flavoured hemp wraps are also a great choice for cone lovers to take their smoking sesh to the next level!

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