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Smoking Joints With Friends

Smoking joints with friends is where the rules of joint etiquette really apply. One of the first rules of smoking with friends is that the person who rolls the joint sparks it. However, the roller is, of course, allowed to pass the privilege to another. Take two reasonably-long puffs without...

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Cannamolds Back In Stock!

Our Purple Rose Supply Cannamolds are now back in stock! You'll find them in our store locally. If you're out of town and are interested in purchasing a mold, please email us and we'll try and work with you the best we can to get you one of these amazing...

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Which Cannagar Size Is Right For Me?

Well, that depends. There are three sizes to choose from and the perfect size for you depends on how you like to smoke. Personal - looks like a cigarillo and it's perfect for a solo session. It fits 2-4 grams and it's our smallest size. Small - our personal favourite. It can...

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